What is it

CERTAMENTE Albania is the first Albanian Neuromarketing conference aimed at the world of business and communication. CERTAMENTE started in Italy in 2016 and since then it has been the most authoritative annual event on the subject in the region. This year, the event comes to Tirana for a one-day conference co-organized by Aksent Business Consulting and Ottosunove, the leading neuromarketing company in Italy. It brings together scholars, experts and companies to deepen and discuss the positive effects of the neuro-scientific approach to the business, presenting and sharing case studies, evidences and updates at national and international level.

How it works

The first Albanian edition of CERTAMENTE, in Tirana, will be held on 1 November 2019. It’s one-day formula offers a program full of state-of-the-art contents for an immersive experience, and a closing debate for sharing comments. For the first time International and Albanian experts will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how the non-conscious activity of the brain works in Marketing related decision processes.

Who it is for

CERTAMENTE is aimed at those who want to verify the effectiveness of their marketing and communication activities, by deepening their knowledge of actual consumer behaviours. The opportunities of networking will be useful to better understand how to revitalize and strengthen your business. During the one-day edition of the conference we will investigate the non-conscious sensory and emotional aspects which are at the basis of consumer choice. Practical case studies, demonstrating the benefits of a behavioral and neuromarketing approach applied to advertising, branding, retail design, pricing and promotional activities, will be presented by the speakers.

Who we are

CERTAMENTE Albania is a joint venture of Aksent Business Consulting and Ottosunove united by different and complementary competences. The goal is to spread and share knowledge and innovations regarding a new strategic approach based on neuroscience. The communication agency Ottosunove and its scientific partner BrainSigns, spin-off of La Sapienza University of Rome, are both members of NMSBA, the international neuromarketing association. Ottosunove uses its knowledge of neuromarketing and behavioural theories to ensure useful strategic insights and effective communication for the brands of their clients' companies. BrainSigns offers high quality analysis of brain and other bio signals. Aksent Business Consulting offers local insights and know how of the Albanian market and companies.

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