Luca Florentino

CEO of Ottosunove, communication company

Graduated in Economics at University of Turin, he can claim an extensive experience in the communication business, with specific skills in marketing management, in-store marketing, business planning, integrated marketing and advertising.

Using a behavioral and neuromarketing approach, OTTOSUNOVE develops projects, working on brand development, in store marketing and retail design.

His consulting clients include B/S/H House Appliances Group, Angelini, Glaxosmithkline CH, Pfizer and Bayer. He is also member of the Executive Board of Neuromarketing and a lecturer at universities and companies on neuromarketing and communication.

Babara Monteleone

Senior Strategic Planner - Ottosunove

Has over 30 years of communication experience. After two years of work in London for Banca Commerciale Italiana, she began her professional career in communications in major international advertising networks (Y & R, JWT Milan and Rome, Leo Burnett / BGS), managing the relationship with large companies like Barilla-Mulino Bianco, Unilever, Alitalia and Fiat.

For many years she has served as the International Client Director, with managing and coordination responsibility for the worldwide network. She has been the Strategic Planner of Ottosunove since its founding.

Patrizia Cherubino

Achieved the Bachelor and the Master degree with honors in Economics and Business Administration. After the University, she attended a master in "Marketing Intelligence and Market Techniques for Public Administration (2010).

In 2016 achieved her PhD in Economics Management and Communication for Creativity, specializing her final studies on the Neuromarking applications.

Since 2010, Dr. Cherubino collaborates with BrainSigns srl, a spinoff of the Sapienza University of Rome, in the neuromarketing, research & innovation area.

She participated in numerous projects related to the application of the neuroscience techniques for the evaluation of the marketing stimuli the evaluation of efficacy of TV Commercial for several companies such as Telecom Spa, ENI Spa, Vodafone Spa, ISP, GfK Eurisko, etc.

Dr. Eamon Fulcher

Is a co-founder and CEO of Split Second Research. He's a cognitive-behavioural psychologist, with over 28 years' experience in research on the relationship between conscious and non-conscious motivation.

Dr. Fulcher has worked with some of the best academic minds (e.g., Alan Baddeley, Igor Aleksander, Andrew Mathews) in trying to understand human psychology. With a PhD in Neural Networks from Imperial College, London University, he has established himself as an expert in consumer psychology with a particular focus on implicit reaction time testing.